Monday, November 2, 2009

Ok, so I have not updated my blog in almost a year. I am so very sorry. I will try to keep up with it.

Its been a very busy year. Everyone is doing great just very busy. Ashton started Kindergarten this Aug. It started out pretty bad and sad but has turned out to be wonderful. He loves it now and is doing so good. All the other kids are doing great in school this year too. Melinda is in 6th grade now and in middle school. She has all honor classes and is keeping A's in all classes. She is loving Choir this year too and still loves dancing. Stephanie is now in high school and loves it. Jacob is still in College and is doing great this year.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

New kitten's

We got two new kittens. Well one is ours Cuddles and Jacob wanted to get one so we said ok. He is Bugeara(sp).

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Hair thingys

Hello friends, i have been very busy making lots and lots of hair thingys. I have some holiday ones and normal day ones. I am looking into getting a website put together so that i can sell them. But, for now i wanted to show you them. If you want to buy one or more just let me know. The prices range from $4.00 to $5.00 depends on the hair thingy and the ribbon it takes to make them. Thanks for looking.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Our California Trip 2008

Ok so it has taken me forever to get going on this. Sorry man its been busy around here. We always take a few pictures of us leaving our house. Ashton had to have several of his friends join on on our trip. On our first bathroom/filling up gas/ eating stop we all got a kick out of all the old cars there. : ) Then back on the road and man what a long long drive my brilliant hubby thought he could make the drive from here to there in all one shot its like 22 or 24 hours of a drive and yes we did it but as you can see from our last bathroom stop i was looking pretty ruff and very very tired and cranky. Ok so first hotel was great we loved it and even had a special entrance to the pool with two chairs and a table its was cute! We usually just hit the beaches there and walk around and drive around. We decided to do the Ships tours and it was awesome we loved it well Lee was a little worried about me in the Submarine.

We stayed there just a couple of days then on our way to the Malibu area. Ok so its a long drive well you know that 2 hour drive that some times takes longer because you just kinda sit there in traffic. Ok so on our ride there Ashton had to go pee and there was no way we could turn off the road we were sitting still. So, Lee says ok just let him pee in a bottle i was like ok but hurry up before traffic moves again. He goes and then later down the road i say i hope we get there soon i really gotta pee bad. Well, Ashton says just pee in a bottle mommy. I say i can't i don't have a dingie (our word for penis) he then says well i sure hope you grow one soon. He is so funny some times!! Sorry no pictures of the peeing! lol

We get to where our hotel is we had reservations at Country in and Suites in Calabasas a nice area i might add. WELL the hotel stinks!! and i mean really stinks!! YUK! smells so bad i almost get sick. So i pee and we say sorry dudes we are so not staying here! well in other words that was Stephanie's word for it. lol We then look all over town well in our areas we love for hotels they are all booked up. We finally end up at a hotel its cost us$300 a night this is with a discount If you know my hubby he does not like hotels with cost like this but he just looks at me and says Happy Birthday! lol We get in the room and he is more excited then the kids because there is a robe in the room. lol I have stayed in the Beverly Hilton before so i was not impressed as much as them. but i have to say it was the nicest hotel i have been in since being with Lee. : )

We had so much fun there Lee and I both want to live out there so much. We drive around a lot looking at stuff. We spent time at the beaches. We love the Santa Monica Pier we have so much fun there. Our new favorite place to eat out there is Dukes its yummy! We met up with some friends from here at the Huntington Beach. Then on our last night we spend it at the Santa Monica pier one last time before heading home. We ate dinner at Marisols (sp) a restaurant at the end of the pier well i had two beers ended up getting burned on my finger buy our waiter. Well i have to say after those two very very big beers i had tons of fun playing darts! i think i killed a couple of poor little teddy bears and waisted like 80 bucks on that game!!

Well i am sure i am missing so much from our trip but my kids are so loud right now i need to get going. Dance class tonight.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Monday, July 21, 2008

Wow, almost 13 years!

Wow, i can not believe tomorrow will be mine and Lee's 13th anniversary! Some times it seems like forever! Some times it seems like not so long at all. We have had ups and downs over the years. But, by far its been great! We have four wonderful kids. I really don't think i could have gotten through all of these years with anyone else other then Lee. He really is a great guy. He puts up with me and he is so easy going he kinda goes with whatever i might want to do. By saying that i am kinda just thinking that so many men probably wouldn't go with every idea their wife might have no matter how crazy that idea may be. If i say i want a trip we do what we can so we can go. If i say i want to go out to dinner we go. If i say i want another child he is like OK lets do it. Yesterday i was like hey i think i want a new baby kitten, so what does he do tries to get us to petco before they close so we can see if they have one. : ) They were closed but i think its great how he is so up for whatever i want. I love him more then anything in this world. He is such an awesome man!

Now, to find something fun to do tomorrow so that 13 is not a bad year you know how the number 13 is suppose to be a bad luck thing i would love to make it more of a good luck thing not bad. We were suppose to be on vacation for our anniversary but we had to postpone the trip for a few weeks. If you have any ideas on something fun to do here in Dallas area let me know.

Friends are Great!

I had been sick for several weeks and i had been really feeling like i was missing out on the friends thing. I had two wonderful friends check in on me several times and make sure i didn't need anything. I love you both for that and i think you know who you are. Isn't it funny how you don't really realize who your real friends are until you are down. Really makes you realize what wonderful friends you have.

Well, I finally was able to get out of the house after being in bed for almost 2 weeks. I went out to a bunco it was so much fun and i really needed to get out. Then on sunday we went to a BBQ at my friend Shanz house. This is when i really realized what wonderful friends we have. I am not only making friends for me and my kids but i am also making friends for my hubby. I am loving this. Its Awesome! Friends really Rock! I have some of the best friends a girl could want. I am going to add just a few of my wonderful couple friends. We love you all. Thanks for being such awesome people.